Why No Prep Veneers Are the Right Cosmetic Dental Treatment for Chipped Teeth

No Prep Veneers Jackson Heights, NY

Getting No Prep Veneers can allow you to treat chipped teeth whether you had an injury as a child or you bit down too hard on something. No prep veneers for the teeth are often made out of porcelain, which makes them unlikely to become stained as other cosmetic treatments might. The procedure to place these veneers also leaves each tooth intact. Read on to learn why you should choose this cosmetic dental option for repairing your chipped teeth.

Options for treating chipped teeth

Three of the most popular treatments for restoring the appearance of chipped teeth are no prep veneers, crowns and bonding. For crowns, the dentist will file away parts of the tooth and place a custom-made crown over the tooth. A porcelain or a resin crown can be created to look like the rest of the teeth. However, one of the problems with getting a crown is that much of the tooth’s structure is lost when the dentist shapes it for the crown. This can result in problems later on.

A cosmetic dentist can use a filling to repair a cracked tooth. If the repair can be seen when the patient smiles, then the dentist can do bonding. In this procedure, a composite resin colored like a tooth is used. The dentist will roughen the surface of the tooth with a gel or a liquid, allowing the material to stick to the tooth better. The dentist can then apply an adhesive to the tooth and add the resin over this. The dentist will shape the material and bond it with UV light.

However, bonding has its problems as well. Unlike with no prep veneers, the bonding material can become stained over time. Beverages and smoking can both cause the resin to quickly stain. The porous material allows these staining materials to quickly enter. Dental bonding is also not as long-lasting as veneers are. Bonding may need to be replaced in as little as three years, compared to veneers, which can last for seven years.

Other advantages of no prep veneers

A no prep veneer does not take much time to place. The procedure to place these veneers is also not invasive because the cosmetic dentist only needs to bond each veneer in place. Because the no prep veneers are so thin, a patient will be able to adjust to them more quickly than they might be able to otherwise. A patient can quickly leave the dental office with a new smile.

Visit a cosmetic dentist near you today

If you have one or more chips in your teeth, you do not have to live with them. No prep veneers can easily restore your smile and allow you to feel more positive about your smile. Unlike other dental treatments, veneers are unlikely to stain and are likely to last. Contacting a cosmetic dentist near you can help you start fixing the chips in your teeth.

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