Why Choose Zoom Teeth Whitening Over Other Bleaching Methods?

Zoom Teeth Whitening Jackson Heights, NY

If you want your teeth to be sparkling white, then Zoom Teeth Whitening might be for you. Like other systems that can whiten the teeth, this uses its own type of gel. However, the main difference is that the Zoom teeth whitening procedure uses ultraviolet light. This light can enhance the way that the gel works, allowing it to penetrate deeper into your teeth’s enamel. This can remove yellow or brown stains.

Benefits of Zoom teeth whitening

The ultraviolet light that the Zoom teeth whitenings system uses can reach all of the teeth at the same time. This is different from other systems that cosmetic dentists use to whiten the teeth, which only use a narrower beam of light. This can result in more uneven results. At the same time, the light used with Zoom teeth whitening filters out the infrared energy so that the teeth are not exposed to as much heat.

This allows the gum irritation and tooth irritation to be minimized for most people. For people who do have extreme tooth sensitivity, a cosmetic dentist may recommend an over-the-counter product to whiten the teeth. The right choice for an individual depends on that individual’s preferences and needs. A cosmetic dentist can help an individual make the right choice.

The Zoom teeth whitening process is also fast. In fact, it only takes about three 15-minute sessions. This is faster than other whitening procedures, which usually take longer than 45 minutes. This allows patients to get back to their normal routines quickly. The entire process can whiten the teeth by up to eight shades.

Benefits compared to other methods

Another bleaching method that is often used is bleaching trays. However, compared to Zoom teeth whitening, these trays take longer to use. Patients must wear these for an hour or so each night. This may need to be done for as long as two weeks to get the same effect as the three 15-minute sessions with Zoom teeth whitening. A patient can get bleaching trays over-the-counter or get them fitted by a dentist.

Another popular whitening method is laser teeth whitening. This uses a hydrogen peroxide solution and an infrared heat to whiten the teeth faster. While this can be effective, it is still not as good as Zoom teeth whitening. The heat from the laser can damage the nerves around the teeth. The light used in Zoom teeth whitening does not damage the patient’s teeth because there is no heat from the light.

Visit a cosmetic dentist near you today

Zoom offers several benefits over other methods such as laser teeth whitening or bleaching. The process is quick, unlike bleaching trays. Zoom teeth whitening also does not have a risk of nerve damage as laser whitening does. The light used with Zoom filters out the energy, so there will not be any heat that can damage areas. Contacting a cosmetic dentist near you is the first step toward getting a whiter, brighter smile today.

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