Smile Makeover Options to Replace Missing Teeth

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When considering a smile makeover, patients often focus their concerns on replacing any missing teeth. Front teeth that are gone due to accident or decay can be a source of embarrassment for patients when talking or eating. Missing back teeth not only impair chewing functions but also may cause a sunken appearance to the face. While there is no tooth-replacement option that is right for every patient, several different alternatives have developed through advances in cosmetic dentistry. 

Types of replacements used in a smile makeover

Many treatments employed in remaking a smile replace one or more lost teeth for aesthetic and functional purposes. Removable or fixed dental appliances may be used, and the remedy chosen depends on the patient's personal needs.


If a patient is missing all the teeth or needs them all extracted due to decay or gum disease, dentures may be the most viable smile makeover option. Dentures have come a long way in recent years and look more natural than ever. While these are removable appliances, some dentures may be implant-supported if the patient has a healthy jawbone. 

Partial dentures

Sometimes a patient is missing some teeth that are important for cosmetic reasons or chewing function, but the individual still retains other teeth that are strong enough to support a removable appliance. In these cases, a partial denture might be considered. It is a more economical option than a fixed oral device but can still add value to a patient's smile. With this alternative, impressions are taken of the remaining teeth, and a metal or acrylic-based partial denture is made to anchor to them. 


Implants are ideal for replacing a single missing tooth because the placement does not affect any adjacent teeth. In order to be eligible for implant placement, though, a patient must have a healthy jawbone. Patients who have had periodontal disease in the past or who have been missing teeth for a very long time may not be candidates for this treatment due to bone shrinkage. Sometimes, however, bone grafting procedures can be implemented to help restore bone that has been lost.


A bridge can replace a missing tooth in the front or back of the mouth. It is cemented into place and is not removable by the patient. This restorative device is put into place by capping the teeth on either side of the missing tooth with a crown, and a prosthetic crown is fabricated to attach between them. In some cases, two adjacent missing teeth can be restored with this method.


Due to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, smile makeover procedures are becoming increasingly common. For persons who are missing one or more teeth, a smile transformation can change many aspects of their lives. It can help patients feel more confident when speaking and smiling and can also increase overall self-esteem. For individuals wishing to replace missing teeth for cosmetic and practical reasons, a consultation with a dentist can provide information about what procedures are possible in their unique situations.

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