Important Facts About No Prep Veneers From a Cosmetic Dentist Near You

No Prep Veneers Jackson Heights, NY

You might be considering no prep veneers as part of your cosmetic dentistry treatments. A cosmetic dentist near you will work with you to customize them. Before you choose to get these veneers, there are a few things you might want to know about no prep veneers. Read on to learn more about this type of veneer.

One size does not fit all

A patient may have a specific idea about what they want in a new smile. However, what works for one patient may not work for another. Factors such as the size of the mouth, the patient’s facial shape, hair color and skin tone can all play a role in the right type of no prep veneers. A cosmetic dentist can make variations on the color and shape of each veneer to customize the smile for each patient.

No prep veneers have multiple purposes

A veneer is not only used to cover a chipped tooth. It can also be used to correct gaps in the teeth. This is accomplished by making each veneer on either side of the gap slightly wider. This can lessen or completely remove the gap without the need for braces. No prep veneers can also be used to hide stained teeth. This is ideal for patients who would not do well with traditional whitening treatments.

Not every tooth needs a veneer

If a patient tripped and fell, one of the teeth may have chipped. Or perhaps one of the teeth took on a gray cast from another injury. Regardless, a patient may only need one or two teeth changed. A cosmetic dentist can work with the patients to determine the right number of veneers for each patient. On the other hand, patients may wish to have veneers placed on all of the teeth. The patient’s individual needs and budget can determine how many veneers have to be placed.

Cosmetic dentists use dental cement

To place the veneers, the dentist will use dental cement. This is an extremely strong substance that will prevent the veneer from coming off the tooth again. After the dental cement and veneer are in place, the dentist can use UV light to help the cement harden quickly.

No prep veneers do not require enamel removal

The enamel on the outside of each tooth protects it from bacteria. The thinner the enamel, the less protected the tooth is. The good news is that no prep veneers only require the teeth to be cleaned before placing the veneer. This can help the teeth to remain as strong as possible.

Visit a cosmetic dentist near you

Getting no prep veneers can offer you many benefits. You can choose to get one veneer or a full set of them. You should remember that one smile does not fit everyone. A cosmetic dentist near you can work with you to help you determine the right color, shape and size for your no prep veneers.

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