General Dentistry Tips for Addressing Tooth Pain

General Dentistry Tips for Addressing Tooth Pain from 82nd St. Dental in Jackson Heights, NYWhen you choose general dentistry services for your oral health needs, you get a wide range of care. This includes not only routine checkups but diagnoses of various conditions and treatment of these issues. One of the most common ailments that you might encounter is tooth pain. These feelings can indicate different problems, but your dentist has the knowledge and training to address them. If you have a toothache, following your dentist’s advice can provide the relief you need.

The causes of tooth pain and what it means

It is not unusual for a person to have a toothache once in a while. A persistent, severe toothache can be the sign of a serious problem. The pain can increase gradually and be intense enough to make it difficult to sleep or accomplish routine tasks. Generally, a toothache means that the person has a cavity or infection. The pain may also be a result of tooth damage such as a fracture or crack.

Tooth sensitivity usually accompanies a toothache. Eating hot or cold foods may cause discomfort. Other stimuli can cause pain as well. Tooth pain could be due to poor oral hygiene.

Over-the-counter medication

General dentistry professionals recommend that patients try pain medication to begin dealing with any discomfort in the mouth. This is a good approach before the individual can get to the dentist’s office. Taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol as directed can reduce swelling and soothe pain in and around the teeth. It is most effective to start taking doses of medication early before the symptoms intensify.

Ice pack

Swelling and inflammation will often follow tooth pain. Placing a cold-compression pack or ice pack on the mouth is a good way to reduce these symptoms. Dentists at general dentistry offices suggest leaving a pack on the face for 20 minutes at a time. Repeating this process several times throughout the day will yield the most noticeable results.


Another home remedy is to rinse with a saltwater solution. Placing a few teaspoons in a cup of water creates a saline mouthwash that can help to clean out the mouth and dull some pain. Be cautious not to swallow the water. Swishing the water around for 30 seconds at a time is a good amount of time.

Visit a general dentistry office

Ignoring tooth pain can have detrimental effects. People who wait too long to get treatment can experience an abscessed tooth. The infection can then spread throughout the body. A root canal is often necessary to correct the effects of widespread tooth pain. The patient should call the dentist right away in these cases. Many dental practices can get the person in right away for same-day appointments in tooth-pain emergencies.

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Find relief from toothaches

Infrequent, mild tooth pain may not be a big concern. But if your pain is affecting the quality of your daily life, you need immediate attention. Follow these steps to get your tooth pain under control. Getting to the dentist’s office will also treat the cause of the pain and help you feel well again.

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