How a General Dentist May Treat a Broken Tooth

How a General Dentist May Treat a Broken Tooth from 82nd St. Dental in Jackson Heights, NYA general dentist knows the seriousness of a broken tooth. Adult teeth should last for the rest of the person’s life. Yet, accidents lead to dental damage. A broken tooth can be the cause of a more chaotic dental problem. If you want to know how your general dentist may restore a broken tooth, here are the details.

Root canal

Some patients have tooth damage extending into the pulp. This is painful for the patient. The general dentist will need to perform a root canal procedure to repair and restore the tooth. A local anesthetic will numb the area.

The dentist will remove the infected pulp and clean the tooth space out. Disinfecting and drying the tooth will follow. Then, the dentist will fill the space with gutta-percha. A dental crown will go over the tooth to hold it together and protect it from future damage. The procedure will stop the tooth from hurting and restore the look of the tooth.

Dental bonding

A tooth can break on the surface. Craze lines or chipping can happen. Filling the shallow cracks with composite resin material will smoothen the tooth and make it stronger. The general dentist can also use the material to rebuild the chipped tooth. The dentist will apply and dry the material with a curing light. Shaping and polishing the material will come next.

Ceramic filling

A broken tooth may have lost most of the dental structure already. This weakens the tooth, making it prone to breaking. The general dentist can place a ceramic filling into the tooth. This will feel the majority of the tooth structure. This will make the tooth stronger.

Dental crowns

A tooth may have broken cusps because of trauma. This part of the tooth is on the chewing surface. It is crucial to restore it. That way, the patient can use it again without issue. The general dentist will need to shave off some of the healthy dental structure. That way, the dental crown will fit over the tooth.

Cementing the crown to the tooth will ensure firm support. The crown will restore the natural look of the tooth. It will also protect the tooth from future damage. Porcelain is a common material for crowns. It looks and feels like natural teeth.

Dental implants

The patient’s tooth damage may extend below the gumline. At this point, the general dentist will not be able to save the tooth anymore. The dentist must remove the tooth. This will leave a space between teeth.

Replacing the extracted tooth is important. This will prevent shifting and infection of the neighboring teeth. It will also prevent the patient’s bite from changing. It will also restore the missing tooth and complete the patient’s smile.

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Your broken tooth can receive the right treatment from your general dentist

Dental damage can happen at any time. Broken teeth must receive immediate treatment. This will prevent the situation from getting worse. Your general dentist can help you regain the health of your mouth. An urgent appointment with your dentist will make this happen.

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