Cosmetic Dentistry Pros and Cons

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Thinking your smile would benefit from a little cosmetic dentistry? If you feel that your smile can be improved, then know that there are many cosmetic dental procedures that can help you get the smile you have always wanted. While there are indeed many cosmetic dental procedures you can choose from nowadays, it is important for you to understand what a procedure involves before making a commitment.

Cosmetic dentist

When a dental patient is interested in getting one or more cosmetic dental procedures performed, they will first need to discuss their options with an experienced cosmetic dentist. The patient will let the dentist know what it is they would like to change about their teeth and/or gums, and in turn, the dentist will let the patient know what options are available to them. While cosmetic dental procedures are focused on improving a patient's aesthetics, they are also often used to repair any dental problems a patient may be currently experiencing, e.g., using tooth-colored fillings to fill a cavity.

Pros and cons

The following is a list of common pros and cons that come with choosing cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Pro #1 — gives people a brand new smile they can be proud to show off

Pro #2 — allows people to look younger, especially when they are missing multiple teeth

Pro #3 — makes the teeth stronger, which helps prevent any future damage to the teeth

Con #1 — there is often aftercare required when choosing certain cosmetic dental procedures, e.g., making sure not to eat hard foods after getting dental veneers

Con #2— additional measures must be taken to protect the cosmetic procedures, e.g. avoiding certain foods, wearing a mouth guard, etc.

Con #3 — can be time consuming if multiple cosmetic dental procedures are needed

Can we answer any questions for you?

If you happen to have a question or two about cosmetic dentistry, we have a great dental staff that is more than happy to provide you with the answers you need. The fact that there are so many cosmetic options available today that can improve the way you look when you smile simply makes it easier than ever for you to have the smile of your dreams. We are here if you need us, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or to make an appointment with one of our caring dentists.

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