Can You Have Implant Supported Dentures After Having Regular Dentures?

Implant supported dentures Jackson Heights, NY

Implant supported dentures are just one of the many advances hitting the field of dentistry. For people who need dentures or want a replacement, these are a viable option. There are some differences between the two, though. The big question — can someone who already has dentures switch to the implanted type?

What are implant supported dentures?

In layman’s terms, implant supported dentures are a kind of overdenture. That means they have support from implants. Instead of putting regular dentures in, these remain in place. This version attaches to a screw-like implant on which the dentures rest. The titanium piece goes into the jawbone. For people without any teeth or those wanting to switch, this is a great option.

Making the switch

For someone who has had regular dentures for some time, they can switch over to implant supported dentures. As denture wearers know, the teeth might look nice, but these can also be a hassle. This includes soaking them to keep them pearly white and taking them out at night while sleeping. With an implant, the dentures remain in place.

Reasons for changing

Everyone has a different reason for switching to implant supported dentures. However, there are a few that people share. For one thing, it takes very little time for someone to feel comfortable with them. At that point, the new dentures feel like permanent teeth, not a removable appliance. Not only that, but implant supported dentures function more like real teeth. Therefore, people can eat whatever they want.

Also, implant supported dentures never slip. This is one of the top reasons people do not like wearing standard dentures. Being secured to a titanium implant, these dentures remain firmly in place. For that reason, people can laugh, smile and eat without worry. There is no risk of the dentures falling out, causing an embarrassing moment.

Something else to consider is that with implant supported dentures, food particles never become trapped at the gumline. That prevents raw skin and sore gums. It also eliminates the risk of infection. Overall, these dentures are virtually harmless to wear. Even the procedure does not cause much pain, making it harmless as well.

The way a person would clean implant supported dentures is no different than normal teeth. That means there is no need to buy soaking solutions and adhesives. Instead, all an individual has to do is brush after every meal. Caring for them is a breeze. That alone makes these dentures a worthwhile consideration.

Implant considerations

Fortunately, most people make good candidates for implant supported dentures. However, there are a few considerations. Most importantly, a patient needs a strong and healthy jawbone for the implanted titanium. The patient’s gums must also be healthy. A dentist will determine these two things at the time of the examination. If everything checks out, the procedure can begin.

Make your life easier

If you currently wear dentures and no longer want to mess with them, make the switch. Talk to your dentist about upgrading to implant supported dentures. In very little time, you will enjoy a gorgeous smile. Even better, the implant type eliminates a lot of the challenges that come with regular dentures.

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