Ask Your Dentist: Choosing a Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

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Smile makeovers are typically performed by a general dentist. However, cosmetic dentistry is a large part of a smile makeover that warrants a consultation with a dentist who specializes in cosmetics. 

There are so many cosmetic dentistry procedures that one can choose from when undergoing a smile makeover. Being aware of popular procedures can help patients make a decision about what they are looking for.

For most people, a smile makeover is performed in order to improve the way they look. A smile is said to be one of the most important features of a person, which is why smile makeovers are so common. Ultimately, it is best to consult with a dentist who knows various cosmetic dentistry procedures. In this article, we go over how to choose the best procedure for your smile makeover.

Choosing a cosmetic dentistry procedure

Smile makeover consultations will help you decide what procedures you’re interested in. During the appointment, it is important to ask the cosmetic dentist about each procedure so you have a better understanding of how it works and what to expect.


Many people who opt for a smile makeover do so because their teeth are in bad shape. Veneers are a great option for improving one’s smile. They can cover up badly stained teeth, as well as ones that are damaged from a chip or a crack.

Veneers are a great choice because they do not involve a surgical or invasive procedure. Instead, it is pain-free and a simple procedure that involves covering the natural tooth. Patients should choose this cosmetic dentistry procedure if their teeth could use improvements.


Teeth whitening falls under the cosmetic dentistry category. It allows patients to brighten their teeth so they look more appealing. A smile makeover almost always consists of a whitening procedure because it is simple, quick and can have long-lasting effects. Of any cosmetic dentistry procedure, teeth whitening is probably the easiest and least involved.


Some people have minorly crooked teeth that can be treated by a cosmetic dentist. Teeth that have small amounts of unevenness can be addressed with aligners or a retainer, which are less involved than braces. Cosmetic dentistry has adopted aligners into their practices because they can quickly and discreetly improve one’s smile. Retainers are another popular choice because they are custom-created and do not have to be changed out. Instead, they shift the teeth, then hold them in place.

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